helsinki life

Trying out brand new places in Helsinki.

Just came back from a place called Burger Bites.

I didn’t see any burgers.

Luckily I had just eaten and today’s day was rough AF, so I got a beer instead. They have a great variety of girly beers if by any chance you’re a girl and wanna gossip about your recent breakup and don’t feel like cider or wine.

And if you’re a guy, who just wants beer – what the hell are you doing in weird trendy places? Back to Roskapankki you go! They’re the ones with karhu on tap.

2017-10-06 06.31.39 1.jpg

This place is open and still somewhat cozy, quite literally opposite of the central railway station, didn’t seem too busy though. Good place to go to. I’d still probably go to Friends and Brgrs if I wanted a proper burger though. It’s right outside and I know for a fact that their stuff is good. And no halloumi pita and sweet potato fries for me, thank you.

I didn’t really check what’s Burger Bites’ specialty, so if anyone can tell me something nice I can get from there, alcohol or food, I’d consider going back.

Let me know,




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