Keeping an organized home with a roommate 101.

Hello people!

Lots of you have asked me how do I keep my home so organized considering the fact that we have parties every week and the place looks like a nuclear apocalypse every Saturday or Sunday morning.

2017-10-27 01.25.55 1.jpg

I’ve decided to let you in on my secret. First of all, I’m not the only one cleaning since I live with my best friend Sophie. We are both responsible for the common areas such as the bathroom and the living room and we clean our own rooms separately. A key to making this work is to realize that the other person is in no way obliged to clean your own mess and when they do, it’s because they probably really like you.

We figured out quite early on when we moved in together that we both like different aspects of cleaning, which works perfectly for us. She likes vacuuming and mopping the floor and other surfaces, while I like putting stuff away and doing the dishes.

2017-10-27 01.27.40 1.jpg

We have our parties in the common area, that way they’re easier to clean up and it doesn’t take more than 2 hours if it was a really wild party the day before (believe me, this place has REALLY looked like absolute garbage).

The mindset for a hangover day is this: You get your few hours of wishing death upon your soul but then u gotta be a gangsta and help a sista out. Works best if your roommate is your best friend, cause you have an unspoken understanding of when you’ve both lived as pigs for long enough.

2017-10-27 01.27.39 2.jpg

It’s easier if while you’re cleaning you play some music and get in the zone. Usually we’re both cleaning at the same time, so we dance around and sing along to songs or we gossip about what happened last night. It IS therapeutic believe it or not.

Sophie likes to reorganize a lot of things when she’s hungover be it my tea collection or the furniture. I never stop her, cause change is nice. You do your thang, gurl! I even help her out sometimes, it’s good for the cleaning process, you get to see all the dusty places you completely forgot about.

2017-10-27 01.27.39 3.jpg

Clean table – clean minds. Yes, we both like the table with as little things on it as possible. We do still put things on it while we find a place for them (for example the fluffy hairband or the matches), but we generally try to keep the three candle holders as the only permanent things on this white beauty.

We are quite messy at times, the place is not always spotless but we don’t let it get to a point where we need a whole week to put it back in order. We both clean a bit every day. We’ve also trained our regular guests (lol, trained…as if they’re animals) to clean up after themselves. Tony has been such a good boy with this, he deserves a cookie.

By this, I don’t mean that they have to clean the place as well, but for example, if they come here often and cook for themselves, I don’t like cleaning the plates and pots for a four-course meal, when I didn’t eat or want any of it in the first place. Then it’s their job to fix their mess.

Or when it’s 10 of them coming every day to drink tea and eat things, it’s easier for them to clean just their own things than for me to spend the next 1h on the sink on daily basis.

2017-10-27 01.27.38 1.jpg

Once the whole place is clean, we like to treat ourselves. We invite people over, we watch some series, drink glögg or tea and gossip about anything and everything. It makes the whole process worthwhile. A tip to make the place lighter and cozier is to open all the doors, light some candles and have some sort of air freshener in the room (our current one smells like white jasmine).

2017-10-27 01.27.39 1.jpg

We are thinking of changing this couch as it takes a lot of upkeeping and it’s already quite dirty (beyond washing), but u know…the idea is to feel cozy, so throw some pillows on there and a fluffy blanket and you’re good to go!

2017-10-27 01.25.54 2.jpg

As for my own room, where I’m the only one responsible, once the bed has been made, it’s really easy to keep everything else in order as long as it has a place. Let’s put it this way – I never clean my room. It takes me 5 min when I wake up to make my bed and put whatever clothes I have out, back in the closet. From then on, I just put the things back in their place immediately after I’ve used them, so I don’t have to do it later. That way I know where everything is and I don’t have to look for it when I need it again. With that said, my makeup collection is extremely disorganized, but it somehow works for me.

The only things I do cleaning wise is the occasional vacuum clean and clearing the dust. And viola! We always have a clean apartment!

Hope that answers some of your questions or gives you ideas for your own apartment.

//Stef – peace out.



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