Better late than never: Why you should totally drop everything and go travelling. (for a time)


I’m writing this from my bed from the other side of the world being so happy that I did what I did.

Being stuck in a certain routine is a horrible way to live a life. Most people in the world living in underdeveloped countries cannot afford the luxury of travelling, so I am thankful for this opportunity. I was sick of the same old go to work, sleep, repeat.

I have a good life, plenty of friends, I go out a lot and I genuinely like my colleagues. But same for me as it is for you (if you’re reading this post), something was missing. The adventure, the pure excitement of experiencing something new and not knowing what’s coming next.

I planned my trip for so long, by the last month before departure I was counting the days and work shifts I had left. Excitement. Nothing beats that. And you know what the funny part is? Living in southeast Asia for a month costs less than it would in Finland. Even if I stayed home back home all month and eat nothing but noodles and save money, it’s still not as cheap as being in Asia, doing activities, eating out every day and paying for accommodation + travel costs. Do you need a bigger reason why you should go?

I’m one and a half months into my adventure and I’ve been so lucky to find great people along the way to share memories with. DO IT.

Go travelling, go meet people, go have some questionable scooter rides, go get your food spiced up the wrong way, go on hot air balloon rides, check out all the beautiful beaches, party and get out of your routine! Learn about new cultures. Live the adventure for as long as you can. Because it’s worth it. Not every experience is pleasant, but it is a lesson and you’ll be glad you had it. I promise.

I know my biggest worry was money and I’m sure it is yours as well. It’s NOT expensive. It’s not dirt cheap. But it’s bearable and if I can do it, so can you. Follow this blog for more updates on prices, locations, attractions and pictures of all corners of South East Asia.



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