The sand dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

I’ll be honest with you.

There’s not much to do in Mui Ne.

Me and my travel buddy Avalon stayed there for 3 days and found ourselves bored with so much time on our hands. What the little resort is famous for are its sand dunes, which we did make a point to visit. It’s half a day trip with a motorbike if you have one, or with an organized tour, which was very cheap.

They will make you pay more for the buggy ride to the top of the dunes though and nobody will tell you beforehand, so it’s a good thing to have in mind. It wasn’t much, but it was inconvenient. You can always also just take a walk up there, but it will take some time…in the hot sand. Yeah…no.

2018-02-13 04.47.20 1.jpg

The interesting part about these sand dunes is that they’re completely natural and are surrounded by heaps of green forests and greenery, but here they are…dry and desert-like.

Another peculiar thing about Mui Ne is that…they really REALLY love sea food.

Essentially the resort is one very long street with seafood on one side and hotels on the other. Full of Russian tourists, most of the menus you find will be entirely in Russian, so good luck choosing a meal, haha!

Having said all that, the place is quite warm and cool to walk around, but I wouldn’t recommend spending more than 2 days there.

Enjoy it peeps and let me know what you think of the place if you’ve been there. Good? Bad? Is it just me that found it boring?




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