Why should you go to Georgetown?

Oh, Malaysia!

How I wish I had more time to explore you.

Georgetown was one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve been to. Given the contrast of chinese and bahasa cultures, this city really is a melting pot.

The everyday life there is colorful and diverse, from little India to the street art and food, to the preparations for the long-awaited Chinese new year.

2018-01-24 01.37.05 1.jpg2018-01-24 01.37.03 1.jpg

I spent 5 days there, basking in the strong smells and vivid colors. Sensory confusion of the best kind. I also found the most incredible juice place on Common Street (you can’t miss it). A die-hard fan of the combination apple-lemon since then. I basically drank it instead of water and spent half of my money on that stand. I regret nothing. You should definitely try it if you go there and let me know what you think.

The street art was pretty much everywhere. You can get a small town map from your hostel and spend an entire day finding new locations and paintings. Very modern and very contemporary, but also ancient and enchanting.

Food-wise, you can’t really go wrong with anything they offer you. Malaysian food is very yummy, but be very wary of the spiciness level especially in the Indian places. We learned our lesson the hard way.

Night markets are luscious, cheap and make your mouth water just walking past them.

2018-01-27 09.18.09 1.jpg

And during the day there are plenty of cafe’s, burger joints and souvenir shops to keep you occupied should you find yourself bored.

There is also a waterfall and a viewpoint, which we visited but it rained so hard that we couldn’t take pictures of it. It’s a full day shenanigan, just make sure you don’t visit during the raining season like we did and you should be fine.

Those of you who have been to Georgetown already, what did you think of it? I know I absolutely loved it, but Sophie who was traveling with me thought it was a tad boring for her taste because of the lack of shopping centers (with big brands like she likes) and in-house entertainment. Let me know your thoughts!

And thanks for reading



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